Explore circulating biomarkers in any liquid biopsy sample

Join the liquid biopsy revolution! Empower your liquid biopsy research with QIAGEN’s comprehensive solutions that streamline your analysis and drive efficiency in every step of your workflow. From collection through analysis, our solutions help gain deep insights into cfDNA, CTCs and exosomes in your samples, accelerating valuable biomarker discovery.​

  • Collect and stabilize samples in tubes made with a unique, non-crosslinking material designed for sensitive cfDNA
  • Get the most out of your samples with state-of-the-art cfDNA, CTC and exosome isolation technologies
  • Discover DNA mutations and RNA biomarkers with advanced NGS and real-time qPCR solutions
  • Gain valuable insights with powerful and dedicated bioinformatics solutions

Visit us at ASHG to discuss your project needs. In the meantime, why not visit our Liquid Biopsy portal.

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