Uncover the secrets of the microbiome

Enter the invisible world of microbes and start unraveling the complexity of the microbiome using our powerful solutions! Whether you’re working with soil, stool, water, air, biofilm, swabs, plants or other challenging sample types, we’ve got a kit to suit your needs.

Choose QIAGEN for microbiome research and experience exceptional benefits such as:

  • Lysis of even the toughest samples with optimized bead beating technology
  • Efficient inhibitor removal for high yields of pure nucleic acids
  • Microbial community profiling with precision using dedicated qPCR and NGS tools
  • Interrogation of any combination of bacterial 16S variable regions and fungal ITS regions
  • Intuitive data analysis with state-of-the-art bioinformatics tools for microbiome research

Have a look at our latest innovations at booth #1339 and find out how you can achieve exceptional results from stool and gut samples, and also learn about our new panels for microbial community profiling.

Visit us at ASHG 2018, booth #1339

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